Private Families and Family Offices


Red Five was founded in 2004 and has been supporting private families since day one. We have helped prominent, private, and ultra-high net worth families with a myriad of challenges. We understand the nuances, privacy, and intimate nature of the home and family. It’s about trust- it’s not about the wealth – and, it’s about the mindset families have to protect what matters most.We bring together the best in breed from the national security world and share that service and experience with you. We leverage our pedigree, broad cultural experience, and global network to be the one stop shop. Our service model for families is based on Measured Risk Management (MRM), and that means you don’t pay for services you don’t need. We work together to identify your most important assets that require the proper level of privacy, security, and resiliency. Sometimes our family clients receive support from corporate, and we are good partners in that regard, supplementing that support, maximizing value, and optimizing security.Whether it’s travel security, deep/dark web monitoring, estate technology support, vetting of domestic staffing, or REAL training for your Family Office leadership, Red Five is the last risk management partner you’ll ever need