Robyn Kirkham – Director, Security Consulting

Ms. Robyn Kirkham serves as a Director for Security Consulting at Red Five. She has 18 years of intelligence, law enforcement, and military experience. Ms. Kirkham possesses expertise in security consulting, intelligence analysis, and investigations. In her role as a Director, Ms. Kirkham consults on and manages projects related to corporate and private security, cybersecurity, and threat assessments.

Prior to joining Red Five, Ms. Kirkham managed operations and logistics as the Chief of Operations for Black Rifle Coffee Company, later serving as the Chief of Operations for Grounds & Hounds Coffee Company.

Ms. Kirkham’s earlier experience was in intelligence and investigations with the Department of the Interior. As a Special Agent/Investigator she spearheaded the formation of the Bureau of Land Management’s first threat mitigation unit, and served as its primary investigator and lead intelligence analyst. Ms. Kirkham also conducted extensive investigations utilizing undercover operations, physical and technical surveillance, and digital media exploitation.

In the capacity of a federal Intelligence Officer, Ms. Kirkham worked closely with several Joint Terrorism Task Forces throughout the United States, focusing on counterterrorism analysis and intelligence collection overseas. In this role, she worked closely with law enforcement and the Intelligence Community to identify and prosecute individuals charged with terror related activities.

Ms. Kirkham also completed two war-zone tours as an Intelligence Officer. She conducted counterterrorism operations and ran counternarcotic programs in conjunction with the local government. Ms. Kirkham provided critical intelligence that led to the capture of key High Value Targets abroad and influenced major counterterrorism campaigns throughout the region.

In addition to her law enforcement and intelligence experiences, Ms. Kirkham served in the military as a Captain in the US Army Military Police.

Ms. Kirkham graduated from Tulane University with a B.A. in Crime and Law Studies and a B.A. in Latin American Studies. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and National Security from Troy State University. She also holds a Utah Private Investigators License.

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