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With the threat landscape constantly changing, make sure your security strategy includes Red
Five Privacy Labs.


Red Five Privacy Labs, LLC, was created with one simple goal. Enhance the secure communications environment for our clients using the best technology available.

Working in partnership with some of the elite companies in the industry providing leading-edge technology, Red Five offers Privacy Labs. A suite of technology solutions that protects your business and family.

The innovative Privacy Labs suite includes products powered by Armor Comms, Dark3 and Boeing, brought together to strengthen your overall security communications  and environment.

Shadow Sentry

Shadow Sentry

ShadowSentry is a cyber security platform that gives you instant visibility into the threats on your network and actively manages those threats.

It combines an elegant and simple dashboard with a powerful, real-time and anonymous threat scoring algorithm. ShadowSentry is fast, scalable, efficient, and removes the barrier of trust for information sharing to enable large-scale, near real-time collaboration of threat discovery between companies or organizations regardless of their size or sector.
Boeing Commercial Satellite Services

Boeing Commercial Satellite Services

Red Five Privacy Labs shares a Strategic Joint Services Agreement with Boeing Commercial Satellite Services (BCSS). Formed in 2011, BCSS is a team of satellite service and mission experts dedicated to serving the U.S. government as it seeks to identify cost-effective and timely solutions to the critical demand for military band width. Red Five has partnered with BCCS to bring secure satellite communication solutions to the private sector market.
Armour Comms

Armor Comms

Secure Communications
Easy To Setup / Easy To Use

  • Exclusive Distribution Rights bringing a new level of security to market
  • Global Encrypted voice calling, full motion video, and messaging all with conferencing capabilities
  • US-NATO-UK Certified for ultimate cyber security and information handling
  • Compatible with ability to securely send pictures and files in messages on any device