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John Hickman - Vice President, Training & Special Projects

Mr. John Hickman serves as Red Five’s Vice President for Training & Special Projects. As VP, he supports Red Five clients both stateside and internationally and manages the Red Five training academy. He has over 25 years of security and training experience.

Prior to joining Red Five, Hickman worked as Project Manager for Vigilant Security Services (VSS), overseeing remote site security for VSS defense industry clients as well as managing the security details of VSS high-net worth clients. He also served as a Senior Consultant for Pioneer Consulting, conducting travel-related threat, vulnerability and risk assessments for high-profile media clients such as CNN, VICE and CBC. In addition, he conducted High Threat Environment Training for members of the media, and served as the detail leader for high-net worth clients traveling abroad.

Hickman also served as Director of Security and Operations for the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, responsible for the safety and security of all staff, visitors and the collection. He was deeply involved with capital improvement projects and renovations.

Prior to the Brooks Museum, Hickman served first as a Program Manager and later as a Director for MVM. He was responsible for recruiting, screening, training, and deploying personnel in support of MVM’s contracts with the United States Government (USG).

He was also the CEO/Founder of Intrepid Global Security Solutions and the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Direct Action Resource Center. In that role, Hickman directed all business operations, including evaluating results regularly and systematically producing recommendations for improvement. Clients included US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), US State Department approved Foreign Military Special Operations Units, the Department of Energy, the Department of Justice, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Defense, as well as local and state law enforcement personnel.

He has also previously served as a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor and has extensive training from the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State, including Tactical Development, Surveillance Detection, and Protective Operations.

In addition, Hickman is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He also served as an Instructor for the Presidential Protective Service Academy in Kabul, Afghanistan, and as a Federal Air Marshall Instructor.