The Presidential Inauguration: How to Be Prepared in the Week Ahead

2021 presidential inauguration security

  Information as of 1600 hours on 14 January 2021 The 59th Presidential Inauguration will take place on the West Lawn of the US Capitol on 20 January at 12:00PM EST. Authorities are asking the public not to travel into DC to attend the inauguration events. Many events, including a number of inaugural balls and a […]

A Protective – and Entrepreneurial – Spirit

“The world is getting more challenging,” warns Red Five Security President and CEO Kris Coleman. “On the security front, there are greater risks, especially outside our United States borders. If you do it wrong, it can bite you.”Coleman, 45, a born-and-bred Arkansan and graduate of the University of Arkansas, has made a career of quietly […]

Providing Concierge Security Services for an Exclusive International Clientele

Consider the Case of one Red Five security Client, a high net-worth international businessman, who went on a Caribbean vacation with his family and invited several of his affluent contemporaries and their families to join them. After several days spent enjoying the tropical sojourn, one of the guests turned to his host and asked: “forgive […]

Embassy Security: Pro-active solutions in a changing world

The time has come to re-think embassy security. The Department of State recently called for a “more serious and sustained commitment from Congress” to address security deficiencies at high-risk posts around the world, in the wake of last year’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the death of four people, […]