Joe Fraser – Chief of Staff (CoS)

Mr. Joe Fraser serves as Chief of Staff (CoS) at Red Five. He has over 25 years of military experience leading multidisciplinary teams and work streams focused on data-informed strategy planning.

Victor Ferreira – Senior Account Executive

Mr. Victor Ferreira serves as a Senior Account Executive at Red Five, heading up the sales function and business development efforts. In his role at Red Five, Victor works to ensure clients are receiving the highest quality services for their unique privacy and security challenges.

How Life Events Change Your Safety and Security Needs

safety and security needs

As your life changes, so do your security needs. Getting married, having a baby, selling or merging a business, going IPO, and other major life events provide the perfect opportunity to take stock of you and your family’s privacy, security, and resiliency. 1. Privacy: Introducing a new baby or spouse into your life or taking […]