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Protective Security and Design - Privacy as a service.

Red Five assessed, designed, implemented, and operationalized a full-service and highly tailored security solution for a diplomatic Client. Red Five continues to implement unique security solutions for the Clients’ changing needs, to include protective and proactive security services, travel support, and regular intelligence and analysis updates.

Red Five’s protective services are based on the concept of a continuous security envelope with concentric rings of protection. Red Five employs a large number of armed static and mobile security officers with backgrounds in executive protection, law enforcement, and military service; officers with decades of experience in protective services at the US Secret Service oversee and manage the detail.

• Red Five personnel provide proactive security solutions rather than reactive responses in order to stay ahead of threats to the Client and the Client’s family.

• Red Five security personnel are trained extensively in observation skills, verbal and physical interdiction, and the use of deadly force. Red Five provides both continual and quarterly training in these skills and the handling and use of firearms.

• Red Five provides an umbrella of protection both at the Client’s residence, as well as prior to and during movements—this includes advances on sites and routes, as well as the determination of locations for safe spaces and emergency services.

At the Client’s residence, Red Five designed, maintains, and monitors a robust security system that provides layers of protection and a hardened perimeter for the Client and their family. The system includes analytic fences, cameras, biometric readers, bollards, and other equipment that complements the work of the security officers posted at the site. Red Five provides dedicated open source intelligence services for the Client, which include news and social media monitoring, as well as reports and assessments for the Client. The Red Five Security Operations Center provides open source advance reports and monitoring for Client movements, and produces reports and analysis on current events that affect the Client’s interests. The intelligence function integrates with Red Five’s protective services to provide up-to- date information that informs security officers of potential threats and issues for the Client and their family.

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