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Heather Nickerson - EVP/CFO

Heather A. Nickerson, EVP/CFO. Heather serves as Red Five’s Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As EVP, she serves as the primary advisor to the CEO and the Red Five corporate management team, and advises private families, family offices, and corporate clients on a variety of sensitive topics.

As CFO, Ms. Nickerson overseas and manages all financial activities of Red 5 Holdings, Inc. and the four subsidiary companies: Red Five Security, LLC, Red Five Security Consulting, LLC, Red Five Protection Services, LLC, and Red Five Privacy Labs, LLC. She uses her breadth and depth of expertise to develop and execute corporate growth strategies in concert with the CEO. As an Officer of Red 5 Holdings, Inc., Ms. Nickerson also advises the Board of Directors on financial health, challenges, and solutions.

Before joining Red Five, Ms. Nickerson served as an intelligence analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency. During her tenure, Ms. Nickerson researched and drafted hundreds of assessments for a variety of senior policy makers, including the President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, and Secretary of the Treasury. She also frequently briefed Cabinet-level officials and members of Congress.

Ms. Nickerson holds a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University and a Masters of Economics from the London School of Economics with a concentration in European Governance. She is fluent in French.

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